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The best roast potatoes
Original Recipes

Roast Potatoes with Garlic, Herbs and Parmesan

Everyone has their own way of cooking roast potatoes, they are a classic British staple to accompany a Sunday lunch. However, sometimes it pays to step away from what you are use to and try something different. These roast potatoes are crunchy on the outside and light and fluffy in […]

duck burger
Original Recipes

Shredded Duck Burger with Plum Sauce

Hands up…who likes burgers?  Who likes duck pancakes?  Well, you are in luck!  Here is my latest creation that combines the two, I give you a crunchy shredded duck burger! I’m sure you won’t be surprised that I have eaten many a burger over the years, I just can’t resist […]

Fish Tacos in a 7up Batter
Original Recipes

Fish Tacos with a 7up Batter

Fish tacos are a really under rated dish here in the UK, if you’ve never had them what the hell have you been doing?! I stumbled across this tasty batter quite by accident!  I was making some beer battered fish but in typical style totally forgot to buy the beer. […]

steak muffins
Original Recipes

Steak and Red Onion Muffins with Horseradish Dip

There are some classic flavour combinations going on in these muffins. Steak, red onion and blue cheese are combined in an egg and cream mixture and served alongside a mild horseradish sauce. Quick and easy to make, these muffins are best served warm out of a hot oven, but can be […]

Courgette Fritters
Original Recipes

Courgette Fritters & Hot Goats Cheese Dip

These courgette fritters are perfect lazy fodder for get togethers or nights in front of the TV.  They take less than an hour to make and will be sure to please even the fussiest of eaters. I’ll be honest, I’ve been working on this recipe in my head for a […]

Roasted Vegetable Crumble
Original Recipes

Roasted Vegetable Crumble

One of my first ever cooking classes at school was learning how to make an apple crumble.  The first week we made the crumble, the second week we made the filling and finally, in the third week, we put it altogether.  No wonder I hated cooking if I thought it […]


A Review – Aulis

It was the husband’s birthday a few weeks ago, and we wanted to mark the occasion with something pretty special. I was looking into the tasting menu at Fera at Claridge’s, which looked more than a little top notch as you would imagine. Then, on their website, I stumbled across […]

Pizza stuffed bread
Cooking Adventures, Original Recipes

Pizza Stuffed Bread

There’s nothing quite as lovely as homemade bread, however, I don’t think I have made any homemade bread since I was about 10! I’ve been meaning to make some for a while now, but i’ve been trying to come up with a cracking recipe to incorporate it into.  And lo, […]

Original Recipes

Honey & Chilli Salmon Kebabs with Soy Dip

Happy bank holiday everyone!  It is possibly our last chance to BBQ in good old blighty (if the rain stays away!) so add these tasty salmon kebabs to your repertoire.  I mean, there’s only so much sausage and burger a girl can have. Salmon is such a great fish to […]

Spicy Beef Brunch
Original Recipes

Spicy Beef and Cheese Brunch

In my last recipe post, Mexican Layer Cake, I made some spicy beef as part of the dish. We both fell in love with it, so here it is again, as a cheesy brunch plate. The beef is incorporated into a rich tomato sauce, and then balanced out with creamy mozzarella and […]

mexican layer cake
Original Recipes

Mexican Layer Cake

If you only try one of my recipes, make this Mexican Layer Cake the one! I always find Mexican food a bit hit and miss, I’m not a fan of stodgy burritos but you couldn’t tear me away  from the street food on offer at Wahaca. This layered offering is exactly […]

halloumi chips copy_new
Original Recipes

Halloumi Fries on Strawberry & Rocket Salad

A couple of weeks ago, I went to a works party and the caterers there were serving Halloumi Fries.  Not surprisingly, they went down a storm and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them! I have eaten my fair share of grilled halloumi, but this was something different! […]

Noodle chicken
Original Recipes

Noodle Chicken Bites with Jalapeño Cream

One of our food highlights on our honeymoon was a simple snack in a bar in San Francisco, Ramen Noodle Chicken.  Neither of us had had it before and have not encountered it since. Here is my re-creation, best washed down with a couple of Blue Moons! The chicken is […]

Chicken satay
Original Recipes

Crispy Chicken Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce

One of my go to takeaway dishes is chicken satay, and mainly because I am addicted to the peanut dip!  It’s something I’ve wanted to make for ages and I can confirm this recipe is as good as any takeaway! Classic Thai flavours are used to marinate the chicken and the […]


Texture – A Review

Nestled in the heart of London, in a small but perfectly formed Georgian building, is Michelin Starred restaurant, Texture. Icelandic Chef, Aggi Sverrisson plates up modern European cuisine with Scandinavian influences. It focuses on emphasizing different textures throughout the menu. Unlike a lot of my other dining experiences, the food […]

Beetroot & Gorgonzola Tart
Original Recipes

Beetroot & Gorgonzola Tart

So I got inspiration for this recipe during our recent visit to Texture restaurant (review here!), our first course was Beetroot and Gorgonzola.  Of course, they used the finest of ingredients – as they should at a Michelin establishment – but they were two flavours I’ve not really had together before. This […]