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Cheese and Meat Recipe Roundup

November 26, 2016 (Last Updated: December 15, 2017)

Last Updated on December 15, 2017 by Slow The Cook Down

Regular readers of my blog will know that I love recipes that combine cheese and meat, whether it’s a burger, a meatball or a stuffed sausage roll! To add to my repertoire, I have asked some lovely food bloggers for their favourite cheese and meat recipes, and boy, they did not let me down!

So, let’s kick things off!  Seen as we are quickly entering party season it feels right to start with some party food. Here’ one my my favourite cheese and meat canapé recipes, my Meatball Cupcakes, and according to a lot of my readers it’s one of your favourites too!  I mean, who can resist that oozy mozzarella?!

Meatball Cupcakes


Next up are these Peppered Steak Bites with Cheese and Scallions from the wonderful Savory Tooth. Super easy to make and packed full over flavour, everything a canapé should be! I mean, just look at them!



Now, who can resist a chicken wing? Well, The Flavour Blender has gone one better with these amazing Boneless Cheese Stuffed Chicken Wings! Yes, they will take a little bit of time and patience to master, but can your imagine your guests’ faces when they bite in and mozzarella just oozes out?!



Cheese and meat doesn’t always have to be rich and heavy, Bam’s Kitchen‘s Chargrilled Halloumi Prosciutto Wrapped Nectarines and Balsamic Glaze is a fine example of that! The thought of this makes me drool, the sweetness of the nectarines surrounded by the saltiness of the halloumi and prosciutto…om nom nom!



‘What’s a party without a dip?’ I hear you cry! Well, look no further than this oozy, melty  Queso Fundido with Chorizo from Taste and See! There’s really not much more I can say other than….oooooh.  Seriously people, if you can resist this you are a better person than me!



I couldn’t do a cheese and meat round up without including an awesome grilled cheese sandwich, and this one from Say Grace definitely hits the spot! Grilled Cheese with Smoked Pulled Beef, food porn at it’s finest! What an amazing way to level up your grilled cheese game! Bring me one now!



Ok, after that indulgence, lets change pace a little with this sublime Fig, Ricotta and prosciutto Salad by Sprinkles and Sprouts.  What a pretty dish to serve up as a starter and that amazing sweet/creamy/salty balance is to die for!  Easy to put together, easy to impress your guests!



Let’s move onto some main courses.  How about this show stopping Stuffed Baked Steak from A Healthy Life For Me? So pretty to serve to a table and it only takes 10 minutes to prep!  Now that’s my kind of Sunday Lunch!



Another dish that I couldn’t bear to leave out of this cheese and meat round up, is of course, pizza. But hey, we don’t need to be talking pepperoni and mozzarella here. How about this amazing Butter Chicken Pizza from the not so Novice Housewife?! Yes, it will take a bit longer to make than to order from your local pizza place, but I would take this over a Domino’s any day!



Now this one is a great, quick weeknight meal and it’s low carb win win!  My Life Cookbook brings us this Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cordon Bleu….ooh la la!  Sounds fancy! Super rich in flavour, these sound delicious!  They are on my menu for weeknight dinners!



Next up are a couple of pasta dishes, cheese and meat and pasta…a holy comfort food trinity! First up is this great take on a lasagne from The Life Jolie.  All of the classic flavours of a lasagne but made in a skillet.  Check out the Best Ever Skillet Lasagna!



Karen’s Kitchen Stories brings us an amazing macaroni cheese, laced with chili. Come on people, Cheesy Chili Mac! What is not to love here, it really is the ultimate in comfort food.  Get some in your belly immediately!



Cheese and meat are synonymous with burgers so I really had to include a couple here!  Plus they are my favourite, all the time, forever!  First up is this Mediterranean Beercan Burger from the awesome BBQ Bastard, bacon, cheese, meat, mediterranean veg.  What’s not to love?! This is on my ‘too make’ list fo sho!



The next burger combines a few of my great loves, cheese and meat and wine!  Yep! No wonder this one is included! Cooking Chat delivers up a Gruyere Burger and a Bordeaux, oh, shut up! Who says you can’t pair a fine wine with a burger?  Not me!



Like all good meals, the only way to round up this….round up, is with a good cheese board.  If I have a choice between a cheeseboard and a dessert, cheeseboard is always going to win! Hapa Nom Nom will show you How to Make a Great Cheeseboard that will please your guests no end.



I really hope this round up has inspired you try some of these recipes from some fabulous food bloggers.  Thank you to all involved, I’m off to eat my weight in cheese and meat!



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