A Little Bit About Me

Betty Davies

My kitchen rules:

Tasty ingredients and no half fat anything

Cook with a glass of wine in your hand

Never get stressed or rush while cooking 

A meal without wine is called breakfast

I used to hate cooking, by hate, I mean couldn’t be bothered. I didn’t see the point of spending hours in the kitchen when I could just as easily pop a ready meal in the microwave. I remember having to take cooking lessons at school around the age of 14, and constantly getting detention (one lesson, we were asked to make a meal using only a microwave, I bought in a jacket potato…).

I cooked because I had to, not because I wanted to.

Then, something changed.

I started eating out more in my early twenties, my then boyfriend, now husband, was a lot more adventurous than me. I started to discover new foods and enjoyed cooking basic dishes for him. Now, my husband tells me my hobbies are cooking and drinking wine (I am less convinced that drinking wine is hobby, but I’ll go with it).

In the last year I have spent most weekends cooking, following more and more complex recipes (Tom Kerridge, Daniel Galmiche and Jason Atherton are some of my favourites). The food has been good (bar a couple of disasters!) and this has led me to want to become more experimental and creative in the kitchen.

I find cooking a great way to turn off from a busy week of work, it’s my way of escapism, my meditation.

I love slow cooking with wine (by that I mean drinking as I go), and I love tackling a complex recipe that takes up hours of my time, discovering new techniques (this involves less wine!).

Please, look around my blog, try some of my food and let me know what you think. I look forward to connecting with a whole new community!