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Gordon Ramsay’s Malaysian Chicken

March 14, 2017 (Last Updated: August 28, 2019)

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This week I wanted to share with you one of my go to recipes.  I’m a sucker for Malaysian and Thai flavours, that perfect balance of hot and sweet, with flavour combinations of chillies and coconut milk just does something for me. So here’s one of the most cooked recipes in our home, Gordon Ramsay’s Malaysian Chicken.

Gordon Ramsay's Malaysian Chicken, a beautiful sweet, hot and creamy curry dish

Gordon Ramsay’s Malaysian Chicken recipe is from Ramsay’s Best Menus (affiliate link). I picked the book up on a whim (don’t tell Gordon, but it was massively reduced in price), and it’s hands down, one of the best spur of the moment purchases on my recipe bookshelf. There are a whopping 156 recipes in this book, split into starters, mains and desserts and each recipe is categorised into a cuisine; French, Spanish, Mediterranean, British, Chinese, Thai, SE Asian, Indian, Moroccan, Mexican and Middle Eastern…Phew!

The way that this book is laid out, means that you can put together your own 3 course menu that tells a story from start to finish. I haven’t even touched the sides of it, I’ve cooked about 20 recipes from it. All are very straight forward and easy to follow, and the best bit? – every single one has been a hit.

Ok, enough about the book, let’s move on to one of my favourite recipes, Gordon Ramsay’s Malaysian Chicken. First off, I can’t tell you how straight forward this recipe is.  All of the ingredients are easy to grab at your local supermarket and the result is better than any takeaway you will get. This recipe serves 4, and whenever I make it I double up and keep several batches in the freezer for easy weeknight dinners – it tastes just as good as freshly cooked.

Start to finish, including prep, this dish takes around an hour to make and costs around £5 per plate – what’s not to love?!


Gordon Ramsay's Malaysian Chicken, a beautiful sweet, hot and creamy curry dish

The flavours really sing in this dish.  Ramsay isn’t breaking new ground here, the combinations are tried and tested with lemongrass, garlic, coconut milk and fish sauce. But, if you love eating Malaysian and Thai but have never cooked these cuisines, this plate is a great place to start.

Gordon Ramsay’s Malaysian Chicken uses chicken thighs, which hold so much more flavour than chicken breast and have an awesome depth to them (just remember to buy free range y’all!).

I’ve done a few variations on this recipe in the past.  Try substituting the chicken with a white fish such as basa or sustainable cod or throw some prawns in.  If you swap the fish in, you won’t need to add it in until towards the end of cooking. If you do go for fish, this will cut your cooking time down quite considerably, from around 50 minutes to 20. You could also easily make this a vegan dish, just leave out the fish sauce and add in some extra veg.

You can find this recipe, along with a tonne of other tasty treats, in Ramsay’s Best Menus.

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