Tom Kerridge’s Lasagne

This was one of the first Tom Kerridge recipe’s I cooked.  I love Kerridge, I love lasagne…what can go wrong? This is just the type of food that was the influence for Slow The Cook Down.  Cooking up this lasagne, along with a host of other recipes from Kerridge, was my Sunday chill out time.  Slowly drinking wine, slowly cooking, happy days before the onslaught of another Monday morning commute.

The first time I made the dish, it did take me 8 hours and dinner was served at 11pm…by a drunk mad woman.  It was delicious though and gave us 3 days of left overs, and as is often the way, the leftovers tasted AWESOME.

I revisited the recipe this weekend, and the good news was, it only took 6 hours and the results were still fantastic! Kerridge is all about strong, bold flavours, and this dish is no exception.  Time is taken to get a really rich ragu, browning the mince and sweetening the tomatoes. The white sauce is flavoursome and infused with thyme, not the usual floury gloop you can end up with.

Have a chilled out Sunday, take your time, take some wine, and you will be blown away by the end result!

You can find this recipe, and a load of other tasty treats, in his book ‘Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes‘ (affiliate link).

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  1. Nice recipe but if you use the amount of herbs he states it absolutely **ruins** the finished dish in my opinion.

    8 tablespoons of herbs plus bay leaves in a dish this size is crazy and I so regretted it after buying such lovely ingredients. This is certainly not a cheap dinner.

    Made it a second time with approx a quarter of the herbs and it was 100 times better!!

    • Slow The Cook Down

      Hi Gillybob, thanks for visiting! I love the depth that the herbs and spices give the dish, but I will definitely try it our way too to see the results!

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